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New to vintage style?


More and more ladies are discovering and embracing the vintage style, and it's easy to understand why. 

It's classic, timeless, flattering, wonderfully feminine and ultimately glamorous. 

It accentuates your curves, gives you a figure and a waist (even if you think you don't have one!) and skims over your tummy and hips, so any 'lumps and bumps' you may feel self-conscious about disappear.

Yes Jackie, I hear all that, but it won't suit me.  I just know it won't.  I'm the wrong shape. The wrong height. Too big. Too small. Too old.

I've heard ladies say all of these and much more.  And I get it.  I've been there.  When I first discovered this style, that was me - with plenty of self doubt and scepticism. 

And I understand that it's hard to take on someone else's suggestion when it goes against everything you've ever believed.

But vintage style REALLY does suit all shapes, sizes and ages.

We stock sizes 8-24, with sizes 16-22 being our most popular sizes.

  • to know exactly what suits you and what to wear from your wardrobe
  • to know that whatever you put on will fit you beautifully
  • and to know that you have confidence when you step out the door

  • spend hours in and out of high street shops finding nothing you love, nothing that fits and getting more and more despondent
  • throw on the same old clothes which you know don't look great but are the only ones you feel remotely comfortable in
  • panic about what you can wear to an occasion or event because you have a 'go to' style which you KNOW will make you look and feel amazing!


Pop me an email - I'm here to guide you every step of the way!